Gascho Photography


IF YOU asked me who I was, even though I am by training a cardiologist, a part of me would say I am a photographer and a poet, by avocation and not vocation. Both photography and poetry are about seeing and then trying to make what is seen visible to others. Both have to do with diastole. Diastole refers to the time in the heart’s cycle when it relaxes and fills with blood. After being filled, it contracts (in systole) and ejects the blood it has received. Poems and photographs are the result of a diastolic process, a filling, a seeiing, followed by the action of portraying that which fills, which has been seen.

A Photographer Writes a Poem

Three times I went

to make the photo.

It was never right.

The light was too high.

There were no shadows.

A truck was parked in front.

And then the fourth time:

the light at 6 o’clock.                                                            

Joseph Gascho

26 October 2011